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EU | Tax & Accounting & Audit

As Tarlig Financial Consultancy, we have been providing tax, accounting and audit services to our business partners since 1985.

From June 2020, our title has been changed to EU TAX as a result of corporate identity renewal practice.

Our Mission

Free Consultancy

Before starting to work together, firstly we listen to your expectations and present our ideas for match with your needs.

Offer and Pricing

We believe that business partnership depends on long-term and mutual gain. For this reason, we make sure that the service fees we offer are predictable and planned for our customers.

Wide Service Opportunities

With our expert team and business partners, we define the expectations of our customers in the best way and aim to provide services in line with international standards.

Management Team

Erdem Tarlığ

Erdem Tarlig completed his secondary education at Galatasaray High School, continued his education life at Galatasaray University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration and graduated from this department in 2009.

Uğur Yağız

After graduating from Galatasaray High School, Ugur Yagiz continued his education at Galatasaray University Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences Department of Economics, graduated from this department in 2011.

Deniz Özler

Deniz Ozler graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration. She worked as a tax consultant and tax audit in international independent audit firms. Also, she is a financial advisor under the Istanbul SMMM Chamber